Bag Invitations and Nominating

We're on the lookout to identify inviduals and families that may be struggling and benefit from a 'Christmas in a Bag' from October onwards. 

We work with local schools and other community groups who help us identfy those that would most benefit.  We have a system where by those individuals identified are passed an invitation letter.  The letter explains how to accept (or decline) the invitation and provide the details we need to make up the bag and deliver it.

Those receiving a 'Christmas in a Bag' must be a resident of Prescot or Whiston or the immediately surrounding areas, as this is where we do our fundraising. 

Whilst we have no hard and fast criteria for recipients, the bag of goods provided should make a significant improvement to their Christmas Day, and provide a Christmas dinner that would otherwise have been unaffordable.  We provide bags with quantities of goods tailored for individuals to large families. Being in work does not prevent a person or familty from being eligiible to receive a bag.

If you know someone and would like to nominate them, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


About Us

Prescot Mission Christmas is a group of local people who have come together to help the lonely and isolated of Prescot have a great Christmas day.  Read More.

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